Air Conditioning Services

Carlson Mechanical is located in Rocky Point, New York, and we offer professional air conditioning services and repairs to local clients around the clock. As with our heating services, you can count on quick assistance provided with a smile whenever you call.

Expert A/C Repair & Maintenance

Our team of HVAC professionals deals with all forms of air-conditioning systems. Here is a sample checklist of common services we are happy to offer:

  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Check evaporator and condenser coils for cleanliness and clean if necessary
  • Add chemical treatment to condensate drains and pans to prevent slime, algae and scale growth
  • Install a union in the primary condensate drain to facilitate easy cleaning
  • Clear all condensate drains with pressurized gas
  • Clean/check operation of condensate pump
  • Change/clean all air filters/cleaners
  • Make any air balancing adjustments
  • Set programmable thermostats to the correct time of day and adjust programming schedules at the customer’s request
  • Check for roof leaks & signs of pests in attic
  • Check air handler & duct work for mold
  • Check ductwork for air leaks
  • Replace necessary belts
  • Check condition of contactor
  • Replace ultraviolet germicidal bulbs if applicable

If you like, we can even perform a PSEG (Public Service Enterprise Group) test and have a third-party organization certify that your A/C equipment is operating at its optimal SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating.

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